The brand


The child' magical world

Welcome to Nordic Simply. Here you will meet chubby, cute animals, trees and flowers, all living in the forest Fabeloes, and all loving the child's happy, curious, magical universe.

Our responsibility

The inspiration to Nordic Simply’s designs is rooted in Nordic nature, which I think is very special.
I love telling stories - especially stories for children. Often I get ideas for Nordic Simply from my own children and from children around me. 
Children are wonderful and we are responsible for giving them  and the next generations the best. Therefore, products bearing the name Nordic Simply are manufactured without nasty chemicals and with attention to the environment.
Key to our products is functionality, simplicity and soft hues.

Made in Denmark

All prints are made in Denmark at our Nordic eco labeled printing house to offer a collection of posters, milestone cards, greeting cards and other prints printed on environmentally friendly paper and with vegetable colors. Convenient if your little munchkin chews on a milestone card or two.

Cuddle-proofed collection

Our knitwear and textiles are made in the EU. Knitwear is EU Oeko-Tex® 100 certified, and textiles are GOTS certified. Meaning free of unpleasant chemicals. Equally important, they are soft and comfortable against the skin, so you can wrap your sweetheart with peace of mind.

Hand in hand for the future

We reduce the use of packaging - without compromising delivering your items nicely. Furthermore the packaging we use is, as far as possible, made of recycled paper and of recyclable and biodegradable materials.

Focus on our climate is growing alongside Nordic Simply.

Thank you very much for your visit. I hope you find something you like.  

Many greetings from

Rikke 🌿


Below I tell a bit about how the idea for Nordic Simply came about and how the idea went from dream to reality (in Danish).