Moose embrace poster

179,00 kr

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Moose embrace. An inspirational poster for littles and bigs.
Moose embrace is part of our Seize the Moment Collection featuring joyful animals from the Nordic countries embracing children's magnificent universe.

Nordic eco labeled Danish design

The embrace poster is designed by Nordic Simply and made in Denmark at our Nordic eco labeled printing house, like all of our other posters.
We are printing the poster on 170 gm uncoated paper leaving it crisp and nonreflecting.
The Nordic eco label means this is a poster made on environment friendly paper and printed with vegetable colors.

A bubbly poster for a joyful home

Moose embrace is available in two sizes:
30x40 cm poster and 50x70 cm poster.
A sweet poster for a joyful home. Pair it with one or more of the other Nordic Simply posters.
Comes without frame.