Nameposter - Swan floating

279,00 kr

Embrace life

Swan floating 
Fill out the fields at the top with name, date and city. I'll make the personal poster ready for you. You will receive it for approval before printing. 

Seize the moment - be you 

Sigge the Swan floats and embraces the cute babies. Sigge is part of our Seize the Moment Collection with happy Nordic animals who are themselves, exactly as they are - and who love children's magnificent universe. 
The poster is designed by Nordic Simply and made in Denmark at our Nordic eco labeled printing house, just like our other posters for children and adults. 
170 grams of quality paper have been used for the poster, which gives it a nice surface. 
The Nordic eco label means that the poster is printed on environmentally friendly paper and that vegetable colors have been used for the print.
Sigge the Swan in the color rust is available in two sizes: 30x40 cm and 50x70 cm
Mix and match with our other posters in beautiful earth tones. 
Comes without frame.

Please note that we have no returns on name posters and other custom-made products because they are made for you personally.