Baby Milestonecards - Treasure the moments

Would you like to capture baby's first moments but are a little concerned about how you will find time? 

When I was expecting my first born I bought a big beautiful baby book to write down all the little stories. 
However when I had my sweet baby in my arms I was so full of love and so busy being with her in the moment (and sometimes trying to get some sleep), that I did not get to write a lot in the book. The bad conscience crept in on me. I was supposed to write in the book like everybody else was doing right?

Have fun with your baby

I started creating a system writing little notes in a notebook instead. This sparked the idea to create a set of baby milestone cards where busy mamas like me could capture their treasured baby's first moments without feeling guilty of not managing to write long beautiful essays in a book (that can still be done at a much later time).

Do you also want to memorise your baby's moments without bad conscience?

The set of baby milestone cards is made in Denmark with love from one mum to other parents, and with them you can have fun together with your baby while capturing her first moments.
A set holds 26 baby cards, in soft hues with cute Nordic animals, and follows baby from birth and through her first many big milestones and moments.

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Because I know that having a little munchkin around leaves limited time for long (beautiful) essays, the back of the baby card is dedicated to notes. Write a few lines for each milestone. Right there and in the moment. 
Keep the milestone cards in the little white box and look at them together with your child when she has grown. It is lovely to look back at the first milestones together and when your child sees your notes it makes it a fun and authentic experience.

Our customers say

"I have just received the cutest cards in a lovely box. Great quality and it is quite awesome that you can note down the date of each milestome and write a few lines on the back of each card. Today I wrote what we did during the day and I will now be able to read it for my son once he is older. Today he is one week old. The hues are beautiful and not too dramatic. Cutest milestone cards in beautiful colors. I am a fan". 

"The milestone cards from Nordic Simply are some of the prettiest and thought through I have seen on the Danish market so far. Sustainable and truly beautiful. Look forward to more products from Nordic Simply".

Danish design & eco-friendly production

At Nordic Simply we care for the environment. Hence the milestone cards are Nordic Swan Eco Labeled meaning made with attention to our climate and printed on environment friendly paper with vegetable colors. This is also practical if baby chews on a baby card or two.
Get a set og baby milestone cards for yourself or perhaps as a cute gift for your friends baby shower, for your  coming grandchild or just to celebrate a mama-to-be.

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